Recycled aluminium packaging, bottles and cans
Aluminium can be infinitely recycled and retains its properties indefinitely.

Envases manufactures aluminium cans, bottles and other containers using aluminium which is certified as 100% Post Industrial Recycled (recycled from the industrial manufacturing process) and which is certified as 25%, 50% and up to 100% Post Consumer Recycled (recycled after use by the final consumer).

The recycling of aluminium requires less than 5% of the energy which is needed to produce the primary aluminium in the first place.

The high quality of recycled aluminium means it is possible to manufacture bottles and cans – even aerosols – with the same quality of finishes and mechanical properties as containers made with primary metal.

PIR and PCR aluminum provides an identical protective barrier to that when primary aluminium is used.

100% Recyclable, Forever Recyclable